What is wrong with this guy- what kind of person is he?

im trying to understand what kind of person this guy is-

I met a guy- he was nice on the first date. Second date- he was nice and offered to help fix my door which was broken. At first he was ok but then he literally went crazy wrestling with the door, he was so aggressive. He broke it more.. and I'm sure did it on purpose the way he was acting- almost like he could get away with it. He was so crazy with the door I kept saying- well don't be so aggressive with it. It's almost like he was taking his anger out on the door.

I was kind of shocked. I have a few cats and a kitten. When we went to the bed later to talk, the kitten came and was hanging out. The guy acted so negative towards the kitten. He was almost being aggressive and almost rolled on top of it. I was like why are you semi ROLLING over a kitten? He rolled his body over it not touching it, almost to where he could've fallen on it. he projected bad energy at it. The poor kitten was so sad, and he's so cute and full of personality. I asked him today, why would u get so aggressive with someone else's door, and treat a kitten that way? About the kitten he semi admitted- well maybe i was trying to run it off. I said really? So you can't let a kitten hang out for a few mins in peace and just wanted to treat it like crap hoping it would run off? wow.. what a jerk.

I said.. I just wanted it to sit there for 5 mins so it could hang out for a bit. He was so happy to hang and got treated like crap. The guy never admits to the crap he does- gives excuses.. he's short, awkward, and weird... and seems really cunning or something. What kind of person is he? Other than that, he acts all submissive and weird. Like he's passive aggressive--really passive and will pay for everything and say where do you want to go etc, but really creepy aggressive in other ways. Is he a psychopath or what is wrong with him- also im really nice to him and he tells me of bad stories with other women


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  • Dump him and find someone else. Stop wasting your time.

    • no my question is- what kind of person is he? what's wrong with him--psych issues or whats going on

    • The answers are irrelevant to you. What is relevant to you is that you find someone else.

      Or not, and in 10 years you can come back and ask why your husband beats you.

    • thats so stupid... u need to get a brain and get lost creep im looking for advice not some jackass being a piece of shit.. scram asshole

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  • Why did you invite a random guy to fix your door?

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