Tips for someone who's never done fwb?

So I never been with a guy in any sense. Any tips about this sort of thing?


What Guys Said 1

  • Ok, but one question, why do you want a friends with benefits with a guy? I mean if you just need someone you can go for a proper friendship or a committed relationship if you want too, or do you want to be friends with benefits with a guy only?

    • Its hard for me to even approach someone I really like and become friends with them. I would love a relationship but it's hard to get into one. I hate feeling alone.

What Girls Said 1

  • here's one tip DON'T!

    • I really should have included that I don't want to have penatrative sex. I want intimacy and the whole relationship thing is what I would like but it's difficult to acquire. Especially with someone you are really into.

    • Thats relationship that you want not friends with benefits is just a sex thing.