Are these stupid things to say for my dating profile?

About Me
If you want to know me you might as well contact me... It would be a lot more interesting/entertaining than me rambling on about how I'm guitarist/vocalist and I'm working on a music project, that I casually skateboard with the kids/adults at the skate park, that I'm a writer/poet... Yada yada all that malarkey.

First Date
Well I would prefer something unconventional & something I've never done before like bungee jumping or ostrich riding but I'd settle for something more convenient and intimate where we actually can get to know each other and pretend like we aren't judging each other in our heads to see if we meet the standards of our mental checklists... But in all seriousness - I don't know something fun.

***I want to display my personality but it's kind of hard to with this format...

  • Yes... change that now.
  • No, it's kind of funny
  • Your profile pics are more important...
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  • You sound like a bit of a dick if I'm being honest

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    • Well I'm slowly getting rid of that baggage... would you be interested in reading the new profile description in a PM? ... itching for feed back on it.

    • I guess so, send it

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  • I think you should get rid of "It would be a lot more interesting/entertaining than me rambling on about how " - if they like you they'd want to hear about you, don't say your rambling and not interesting, why would you want someone to think that?

    First date part sounds okay but the beginning "joke" seems weird to me, not sure if other people would find it funny or not.

    • I removed that and the ostrich racing thing

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    • I did it kind of halfheartedly, it's hard for my creative side to flourish in such a blase format... I don't like the synthetics of online dating but I'm having no luck lately with the women I have come in contact with SO after some convincing from a friend I cracked.

    • Maybe mention what you just said too then, without the part about not having good luck in real life.

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  • Oh that sucks! lol online dating!

    • Thought I'd try it... I don't feel like I'm in the mood where I can fully express who I am on there nor do I think it is possible for me to do so...

      I think I should just settle for looking intriguing, which means changing what I wrote.

    • Its not what you write it how you think!

  • It sounds pompous.

    My suggestions:
    - Rephrase your first sentence to make it a friendly invitation.
    - Erase the rest of the "About me" section. You can write all of that using dashes if you can't think of another way to talk about your hobbies.

    - Change everything after "I'd settle for something more convenient..."

    • Already change it with in the 1st 30minutes after posting this question, I thought it was trash before I even posted it on G@G so I was looking for any excuse or motivation to change/rewrite this.

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