Dating a religious guy when I'm a non-believer?

I met this guy only 3 weeks ago, but we got on so well. Both of us were freaked out at how attracted we were to one another, and it wasn't just physical, it was mental as well. We were able to have really deep conversations and get on a really good emotional level. I stayed at his place for the first time on Saturday night and the next morning he mentioned that I should go to church one time cos he thought I might like it.

I am open minded about religious people, I totallyrespect their beliefs having been brought up in a religious family, but its not a direction I want to go in myself and I worry that I won't be able to be there for him on that level and he might feel isolated. I said no then but as we were on our way for him to drop me off I didn't see that as a good opportunity to discuss it in depth. I brought it up that night and asked if he had any concerns about me not having the same faith as him and he said "no so long as you're open minded". I asked what he meant by that - I am to religion in general but not believing in it myself if that makes sense - I understand why some people need it/want it and I understand the positives of it and respect other peoples beliefs.

He's worried because he does like the emotional side of religion and now we've realised we both need to be honest with ourselves as its best to decide now at early stages than down the line, before we get more attached.

Do you think there's a hope? How do you go about coping with a difference in such a big world view? I want to be there for him emotionally but even if I tried going to church I would feel like I was faking it and it wouldn't feel genuine.


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  • Just be upfront and honest


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