A silly fling with a friend is ruining my life! What do I do?

Let me tell you the back story. I met this girl through mutual friends at a music festival in 2013, she was 18 and I was 21, we ended up getting extremely drunk and she had a bit of a fondness for me. I ended up walking her back to her tent and she invited me in but she was hugely drunk so I declined and told her to come and see us tomorrow. She did but I ended up not recognising her to which she took offense and I never saw her again for over a year. The mutual friends group ended up becoming a friends group at another festival a year later and we ended up talking a bit and became friends. I was attracted to her but she was beautiful, who wouldn't be? She got a new boyfriend not long after and whilst I was attracted to her, I wasn't jealous, I actually got along with him quite well. We were just friends but it didn't bother me in the slightest. He ended up cheating on her and they parted ways last June.
We all went to the same music festival again and I she took a fondness to me again but I was too blind to see it and ended up sleeping with another girl. The weekend after she decided to make a move on me and kissed me, she then invited herself to my house and we slept together. She was all over me, texting me all day, wanting to hang around with me, we slept together again and she told my best friend that she liked me and didn't want to mess things up. The problem was that I got an immediate rush of feelings and it was obvious, I was nervous, I seemed needy and I didn't know what to do. She went cold on me and told me she didn't want a relationship at the time. I tried my best to just go back to how we were but I can't! I'm crazy about her. She texts me most weekends sometimes she will say that she does like me but is too emotionally unstable to commit to me, she tells me she misses me if we don't talk for a while and always answers the phone or my texts. I killed the attraction! Is there any way I can get it back or if not can we be friends again?


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  • You need to give her time and back off. If its meant to be... she'll come around. Meanwhile throw yourself into work or school or pick up a new hobby and get out there and date others.


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