Girl shows up with a guy to date?

A Tinder girl I talked to for a few days gave me her number and we met up last Saturday.

At the beginning, when I met up with her, she was already talking to a guy but as soon as she saw me, she quickly left him and came my direction. We ate dinner for the next 2-3 hours at a restaurant and time went by extremely fast. There was definitely chemistry... she was very easy to talk to and went on and on. She asked me what I was doing later on, etc. The problem is that at the end of that date, she ordered more food (take out) and said she was going to "study" with that same guy until 3 AM.

I can't help but think that this is a huge red flag. On a side note, I have a "girl pays for her portion" rule when it comes to first dates exactly for this reason.


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  • Stay away from someone that openly says that to you. But get at least she was honest.

    • Yea it was just weird... I have a feeling she was just looking for a threesome.

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  • why didn't you asked her that who was that guy? but i think there's something fishy with that girl, i would suggest you to avoid contacting her again.

    • Simply because I didn't want to convey insecurity about it. Additionally, she had a deep voice for an Asian, had tattoos, rode a motorcycle, and stated 3-4 times that she is not a club girl (so she's probably a club girl).

      She was a very odd mix of goody Asian and bad girl...

    • i still would suggest you to stay away from her, because she cannot be trusted.

    • Yea I ghosted on her. Just doesn't seem right.

  • Red flag. She is dating a 2 simultaneously.

    • I've dated many girls... this was a first for me. First I thought the guy was friendzoned but but even then... the way she treats guys is a red flag (quickly ditching him.. etc.)

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    • I ghosted her... not worth my time :)

    • Good decision.