How do I know if I a guy ended things with me?

Argued with this guy I've been talking to for 1 1/2. He told me he doesn't want to argue while he's busy nor with such an emotional person he hardly knows. Then he ended it saying he has nothing to say. So I ended it saying I'm sorry, just forget everything that happened and forget we even met. I really liked you, thank you for the closure!
He didn't say stop texting him or leave him alone. But I got from "I don't want to deal with you" as the indicator he didn't want to talk anymore. I backed away because I felT he hated me. Usually how do guys end things with girls?


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  • how he did it sounds about right, but every relationship is different on how it ends because every situation and person is different

    • Guys usually end things fast without resolving? He said he couldn't imagine getting to really know me because the way I viewed things and that I was emotional. He was very defensive because I didn't know he was busy and assumed he didn't like me. I told him I'm sorry multiple times because I didn't know and girls brains work differently. Then I told him we could forget we even met each other and thanked him. I would think he would say something back to end nicely but he just blew up and and called quits so fast.

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    • We weren't even official. All I did was confront him because he was always claiming he was "busy" and always left me hanging 4-5 to a week of no contacting. I honestly didn't believe he was and confronted and he blew up bigger than I expected. But honestly I don't feel sad about it because he didn't reassure me he liked me enough. So I felt strung along and had that gut feeling. He def didn't have to worry about me following him around because he was never interested in the first place.

    • good for you move on and find someone who will put you first or at least toward the top of the priority list.

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  • If he told you "I don't want to deal with you", it clearly means he is done.

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