If a girl I'm talking to asks me about Instagram and invites me to use it, is that a good sign?

So I've been talking to this girl for a bit now she is very cool but I'll admit she either seems shy or uninterested in some of her posts, she does say she has social anxiety so that could be it, anyway the other day she began asking me about Instagram to follow her etc, so girls I'd assume if you weren't interested in a guy, or were bored with him you wouldn't invite him to follow you on something like that? In behind times with social media so let me know if this is a good sign

  • Yes, it's a good sign, if she invited you to Instagram she isn't bored talking to you or disinterested at the very least
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  • No, it's not necessarily a good sign, she may have followed you even if she didn't like talking to you
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  • Depends on what about it she asked.

    • She asked if I had it to follow her etc, I just mean if she were bored of me or uninterested I doubt she'd invite me to social media haha

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