How to tell overprotective parents about boyfriend?

So my parents have been overprotective my entire life. With everything. And I feel as though I've lost a lot of experiences normal kids went through, especially in high school. Not being able to go to a boy's house, not allowed to stay at a friends for more then 2-3 days, they didn't even want me walking the street whenever I hung out with my friends (needless to say we did anyways), Kids will do what they want regardless of what their parents say, which is why it makes no sense to try to be overbearing and untrusting of your child.

I'm 18 now. Graduated last June, I've been dating my boyfriend since last May. He's the most incredible human being I've ever met. Kind, compassionate, honest, sweet, and takes so much time out of his day to talk to me for hours on end whether on the phone or Skype. We both are in love and know that we can get through this rough patch of not being able to spend time with one another.

The problem? I met him through my best friend, she met him online. I can't tell my parents this. But I want them to know how much he means to me and how we plan on a future together. Despite him living on the other side of the state. I don't think they would approve of anyone I wanted to date just because of how they are. I feel as though I want to protect him by just avoiding the conversation altogether. Both his parents know about me and approve of me, his mother added me on Facebook and genuinely likes me as a person.

Any advice as to what I should do?


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  • That's a tough one. I think that you should first ease your parents into it. Maybe tell them you've met a lot of New friends and gently mention him.. don't bombard them with how much you love him and are marrying, etc. Also, maybe it's not necessary to mention where your friend met him.
    Good luck, I totally know how you feel, my parents are really overprotective too. In the end they just want to keep you save, even if its frustrating.

    • Thank you! I have mentioned his name quite a few times in hopes of them liking him. Heck, my mom has seen me skyping him before. I've told them about him when my cat died last year because he offered me one of his cat's kittens. And the fact that my dad was willing to drive three hours to go pick up one of the kittens was mind boggling to me, so they at least know of him or (hopefully) remember him. We never ended up getting the cat because he looked too much like the one that passed. I know this is all off topic but I have done the first steps of getting them to like him and see him as one of my best friends.

      It's hard when you're 18 and becoming and adult and finally trying to earn your freedom. So I struggle with knowing what I should and shouldn't tell them. What is their business if I'm not technically a child anymore? It's hard and frustrating indeed.

    • I usually tell my parents enough so they think it's everything but not everything if that helps ;).. And that's really good that they know of him

  • Wait till you're 18 to tell them. Until then write a letter everyday about your future, how the day went, your dog.., funny things, what you love about him, how much you're dieing to meet and get to know him, why they should love him etc.. Give them a weeks notice Once your eighteen. Leave the hundreds of letters for them so they dont feel they were bad parents etc. Its not the last time theyll see you but it will help. Buy a one way ticket and take a leap of faith. Pack a bag of journals, sketchbooks, books, pencils and money. live with self purpose, know where you're headed and why. Its simple. you're in love with him.