Is there any way to make a fan girl geek out about things less? As her friend she is getting annoying, and she keeps scaring her dates away?

She is also one of my very close freinds I see nearly every day at class.

  • Yes you can by...
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  • Nope you can't your stuck with her
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  • Maybe/comment suggestions bellow
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  • Fangirls rule!!!
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  • Fan Girls Rule until you get tired of them
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  • You can help her with her dates by...
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  • Unless she finds the right date that she can't out geek. Your stuck with her.
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  • What does all of this mean?

    • Geeky girls are not as great as everyone says they are.

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  • Tell her "I think your fangirl-ing isn't really helping you in the dating field". She'll either not take you seriously, or should take caution.

    • I did tell her and she is asking how to geek out less.

    • There's no way it's an "automatic reaction she can't help". Tell her to control herself like a normal fuckin person.

    • It is not one reaction it is a conversation.