Should I just give up trying?

I like her a lot, and have done everything in my power to show it. She seems to flirt with me, stare at me, text me all the time, etc. I eventually asked her out, she said yes, but was extremlly busy and it just brushed over, and never followed through with the yes. However, she still talks about liking this one guy, at least she brings up his name every so often to me. However, they haven't talked in a while, and she says she's "getting over" him, and she's done with him. Yet I know she still likes him, and they still hang out. So I feel like even though I try and do the best, and be the best I can for her, I always feel like I'm going to be second place for him. More details ask, but any thoughts or ideas?


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  • yes just move on because you are 2nd to that other guy.


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