Girls if a guy is texting you and asks what you look for in a guy, do you assume he's interested? read description?

A girl I'm texting is very shy, we talk and she seems to occasionally drop hints about me but whenever I try the same or be flurry it's like she withdrawals she answers but dodges it, true maybe she's uninterested but I don't really think that's the case, as she admitted she has social anxiety and I think she just doesn't know how to take it even when I go slow and polite, so basically I kinda forced her hand finally by asking what she wants in a guy, now she did in fact reply but I could tell she was cautious and nervous a lot of 'ummmms' and 'oh gosh' etc in the reply haha. Honestly I find her shyness cute but it's hard to tell if it's just her shyness or genuine uninterest, so girls when a guy asks you what you want in a guy, do you assume he's interested? Do you think I've made it clear that I like her now? I mean I'll put official words to it soon but do you think she has the idea?

  • Yes if a guy asks something like that when texting me, I'd assume he was interested
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  • No, even if a guy were texting me awhile I wouldn't think much of it
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  • Yes, most people don't care to know things like that without any incentive.

    • Well I mean we were talking about how Tinder was a load of shallow crap so I guess it could just be taken as a continuation of that.

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    • Alright, she replied 'guys who make me laugh and make an obvious effort' so I mean, she said I have a good sense of humor, I wonder if she's implying she wants me to be direct with the other part...

    • Yea, it could be. But, I should point out that actions can qualify as "obvious effort". Anyway, you might as well tell her how you feel.

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