A guy asked us to have a 'study date', what does that mean?

he has been asking my schedule and says he wants to see me a lot. the day he chose to see me, I work late so I'm off late, coming over to study...
is it really to study or something else?
we haven't kissed yet but he and I have hugged.

it was my suggestion initially that I'm ok with going on study dates. me and him are both 'nerdy' and have different majors. Id be very uncomfortable with being 'slayed' the 3rd or 4 th date or any time soon. he seems like a decent guy and I like him a lot. still learning about him more.


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  • Prob to study and get to know you better. He's not automatically gonna want to get in bed with you on a study date, but he may have feelings for you if one study date turns into 2 or 3... or 4


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  • it could be for sex or it could be too get to know you better we dont have enough information about his actions

    • i generally work nights and he is pretty busy with school. I am a bit suspicious but if he didn't seem decent, I wouldn't have talked to him or replied. etc.

    • meet in a public place to study it will allow you to get a better feel for what you think at least the first time.

    • this is goign to be the 4 th time we're seeing other. mmmm I think the first 3 have all been outside in public places.

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  • It means he missed you and he wants to see you. We can't be able to tell if he expects more than studying.