Does she really like me from her heart?

There is a girl in my class, and when she has to get my attention and when she knows that im angry at her for some argument... she dresses up really sexy.. tight jeans, sexy outfit, nice hair etc.
I just wana know that if a girl makes an effort for a guy.. she wears sexy clothes etc... is this a clear sign that she likes that guy from her heart or she is just looking to get some attention?

  • She really likes me from heart.
  • She doesn't like me.
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  • Ok, so when my best guy friend, that was pretty close to my boyfriend, would get mad at me, I would try to dress cute and stuff to feel confidant, to either get his attention and make up, or at least annoy him that we were arguing ;-) However, this was only when we had little annoyances, not for important stuff that I would try to work out

    • So r u sure... if a girl really makes an effort to look good for a guy...
      she really likes that guy from her heart? or does she love that guy?

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    • Hey lol... we have been going out... but we had a fight... we were not talking... and i was completely ignoring her...
      so maybe to get my attention she did it? but whatever... if a girl does this to get attention of a dude... does she really like him?

    • Don't know dude, too many variables.. If you're ignoring her then yeah she's obviously trying to get your attention. Best not to play games and just work out your problems and ask

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