Is my boyfriend controlling or am I overreacting? Help?

I've known this guy for 7 years, we've been dating for one. I've never known him to be controlling but now I'm not sure. He booked a vacation for us without asking me anything about it. Where it was, what dates, which hotel, how we're traveling, if I can afford my portion of cost, NOTHING. Any opinion I have about this vacation gets immediately shut down. Additionally, for my upcoming 21st birthday he booked something for just us, and don't get me wrong I'm not trying to sound bratty but he didn't even ask me what I wanted to do on my birthday, not once. These are just two examples that are unsettling to me, am I overreacting?


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  • He is being a man, a man is supposed to take care of dates, money...
    U just be a woman and show up hot... i dont see anything wrong in here...
    except the fact, he should have asked ur availability... he should have asked "hey are u free for 2-3 days?" ... other than that,.. i think this guy is courting and dating u fine... i dont see any red flags here

    • I'm wondering if it's still dating if he's not paying and signed me up for about $1000 that I wasn't planning on spending?

    • WTF?
      is it u who is paying? lol
      DUMP THIS DOUCHE... as soon as possible...
      i mean come on man... u are self respecting, high self esteem woman and ur putting up with this crap?
      feck this shit man... move on

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  • Sounds a bit controlling but that's in the nature of most men who aren't brainwashed by the Liberal movement, which has been attempting to demonize straight men and make them effeminate. He's taking control because he cares about you and wants to show you a good time. Sometimes guys don't realize they're doing this. If you have a problem with it, just be straightforward and tell him you'd like a say too.


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  • Do you think he was trying to book it to surprise you and make you happy? Is there a chance he might pay for the vacation?

    • No he's not paying. He signed me up for about $1000 dollars when I already live on my own and have expenses.

    • I disagree with his thought process of booking a vacation (especially since you have to pay) without talking to you about it.

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  • Dont kno about controlling... but he is pretty stingy! 😕