He told me he's afraid of falling in love with me?

Okay so I met this guy back in December, he is the uncle of a friend of mine so he's a bit older, but the first night we met he told me he felt a connection between us he was also drinking that night. Anyways months have gone on and I've started to really like him, and every time we drink together he tells me he has serious feelings for me but with the situation he's in right now we couldn't be together but he can see it happening in the future. And all of this time I have just progressively been liking him more and I think now I am a little too attached to him when I shouldn't be. He treats me so good even though we aren't together and tells me that I'm beautiful and that I don't need to be self conscious around him. He told me one night that I scared the shit out of him and when I asked why he said because he was afraid of falling in love with me, when I asked why again he said because he has a little boy. A little background on him he was married and had a kid and him and his wife are going through a divorce right now. For some reason I think everything he's telling me is just the alcohol talking, because when he told me he was afraid of falling in love with me he didn't remember, I didn't tell him that but he said he didn't remember us even having sex that night so I didn't bring it up, but now I feel like I have to so I can figure out where his head is at right now because I don't want to fall for this guy and everything that he told me was bullshit. But I can tell that he legitimately likes me, I'm just confused and I don't want to be hurt again but I can see us being together in the future and that's what scares me. So should I ask him how he feels or just wait it out till he is ready? I'm just afraid of being rejected yet again


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  • It's all drunken bullshit and never ever get involved with someone going through a divorce. Leave this one alone


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