What is the likelyhood that this guy is a former boyfriend she reunited with?

I had (and still sort of have) feelings for this girl that goes to my university. She dated this guy when she was 14 and 15 in high school for 2 years. They broke up years ago due to a misunderstanding as she claims.

Well I met her new boyfriend. I played the game that I didn't know who he was. She wasn't there when I met him. I found out he went to the same high school as she did. Do you think that is the same guy she was with for 2 years in high school and they just reunited?

Someone answer my question


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  • Not necessarily

    • They say the bonds you make during your adolescence are the strongest. This may be a perfect example.

    • Again, not necessarily. I have no special connection to my old high school boyfriend.

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