How can I talk to this guy that I'd like to get to know better?

I first saw him last semester when in a lecture hall class he made direct eye contact with me when he turned around & looked at me for various seconds from the front of the class where he was. Since then I developed a crush on him. But when the semester ended, I thought I would never see him again & tried to get over him by thinking he was just some random guy I had class with. To my surprise, winter break comes to an end, I go to my first class of the new semester, & he turns out to be in that class as well (!). Since the first time that he looked at me, we've had numerous awkward eye contact but have never talked even though we sure as hell know about each other & I've wanted to; I'm pretty awkward, don't know how to have a conversation, & don't have experience with guys, which are some of the reasons I haven't gathered the courage to talk to him. This current semester is half way through & coming to an end, & I don't want to risk at least not talking to him once, since then the break would be for four months instead of 3 weeks & the chances of having a class with him next fall are slim due to the classes I am taking. However, as I mentioned before I don't have the social skills to do that without messing up. This semester we both sit in the same row of the class but he sits in the middle section while I sit in the side section. I look over at him a lot & sometimes he looks at me, but I can never find it in me to smile at him when he looks at me, which lately hasn't been much.

I want to know what is a way I can grab his attention to smile at him or say hi or something. He has been leaving class early lately & I don't know the right time to smile at him when he comes into class. The class isn't one where we get homework & we can study simply by going over presentations on the class, so the class doesn't give me much leverage. I also need to know how to gather courage in the first place to do anything.


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  • Say hi to him and initiate a chat with him... ask him out babe,,,
    if u like him then go for it... there's no point in wasting time and wondering so much,...


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  • I'd say when you guys make eye contact give a cute smile. If he smiles back, you can catch him on the way out of class and ask him a question about the lecture! Something as simple as that can open up a whole world of opportunities!

    • Ugh. Something as simple as smiling is soo hard for me. I literally try to smile at him every class but can I never do it! 😞

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    • Hey! So I saw him today in class! We had an exam and there was one point when we looked at each other πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ and then, omg, this next part made me giddy lol at the end of class we left at around the same time and when I was walking out the class he was already outside the class and started to walk toward some stairs that are near the door with some guys and when he saw me so he looked right at me and it was like he got mesmerized he was just looking at me and his friend was talking to him but he was to focused on looking at me that he didn't hear him so when he snapped out of looking at me after a couple of seconds he just looked at the guy and was like, "whaa?" Lol he didn't even say what properlyπŸ˜… I felt so awesome and really good lol but nonetheless, I still can't get myself to smile at him! 😩 I just look back at him but freeze and can't do anything :////

    • Well this is DEFINITELY a step forward :))) I'm so happy for you! Just remember that giddy feeling you had when he looked at you. You want it to happen again? JUst squeeze a smile out!

  • I was kind of in the same position as you. Sometimes I look back and wondered what would of happened if I had said something, but I never did.

    If he looks over I would do my best to try and smile. I mean if you really just can't go over and say hi, you could always "accidentally"bump into him and say sorry and start a convo that way.

    You could add him on social media. Some people find it easier to talk over something like Facebook then in real life. Just add him and message him "hey" or "hey what's up". Nothing crazy.

    Honesty I would just said hi to him. Maybe just wave and say hi in the hallway. Or before class say what's up?

    You could always have a friend do it with you. Have the friend go up and say hi, as you follow your friend.

    I hope one of these ideas help! Good luck :)