Good 2nd date idea?

As the title says. I need good ideas for a second date with a girl i like. Our first date was a restaurant and then we went out for a few drinks. What would be a good second date idea or activity we might do together?


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  • Maybe something fun and simple? Bowling, mini golf, go-carts? Something that could help loosen up the typical "date mode" aka having to fit into a stereo-typical realm of what's appropriate. I think dates like those are fun for a second date and really allows you both to open up and just have a blast with each other!


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  • Your first date was simple. I bet there was a lot of talking involved because it was at a restaurant. For the second date, make it something more fun. Maybe go somewhere fun so it is more focused on the activity than talking.

  • I second the girl who said mini golf. I did that with a guy once and it was so fun in a cheese way. Like a straight out of a movie date. Def left an impression.


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