Racist yet date an ethnic person?

The thing is, I got asked out by a guy who seemed very interested in me and we had a really good time, he was down to earth, he kissed me and we kind of hooked up. I'm a girl with an ethnic background and he is a caucasian guy, for me that doesn't matter at all! I liked him as a person. Now, afterwards I notice that he is a guy who likes to provoke people and have strong opinions (mostly political ones, supports a certain one!) on Facebook and his posts are more racism toward "white male" and things that can seem to offensive for most people. I mean he has friends with different backgrounds and he asked me out and said he found me really sexy. I had an ex who was kind of similar. So my question:

A) Is he a racist? B) Like to provoke for the fun of it C) Just have strong opinion (s) D) Something else? (what?)

I'm just confused about everything! What do you guys think? Why did he ask me out? Can a "racist" guy/girl date someone with different background?


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  • He's probably one of those guys who are racist and bitter because no girls like him. White guys who are losers become racists just like black guys who are losers become thugs etc.

    • Well he has no trouble meeting girl based on his looks and amount of girl friends he has of all cultures but yeah what do I know :/

    • Yeah I'm sure there is some other factor that causes him to act that way. Insure people love the feeling of dominance. That's why racists bullies etc. Usually have shitty lives. They use it as a platform to feel like they are above someone for once.

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  • Yes.. if he's a racist, it is likely he just wants to bang you and brag how he dominated you. Nothing emotional, just a bang.

    • There was no banging! We genuinly had a good time and he never forced anything on me and respected that. The way he looked at me and held me tight and kissed said something else, that's why I'm confused! He said he wanted to meet me again!

    • hmmm.. well, he could be working on you slowly... But I don't know... confusing to me now, too.

    • Haha you see my point! Well thank you for trying :p

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  • He sounds like a racist. He's not only a racist but he's a hypocrite as well. You should stop seeing him.

    • Mm strange since he asked me out and yet have friends with other backgrounds, why did he ask out to begin with and enjoy hanging out, oh man this world is already crazy! :/

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