Is a careless couch-surfer out of the dating question?

I recently became, (for lack of a better word,) "homeless", relying on other peoples couches to sleep on every night. And on top of that, I don't have a car, cause it sort of, (how do I put this?...) exploded. This all happened within weeks of each other, and has been like this since December.

Now, despite these temporary setbacks, (for which there is only a matter of time before I will bounce-back from) I still lead an active lifestyle. I still dress to impress, I eat well, I shower and shave everyday, so I'm well groomed still. I keep my online sh*t updated, so I'm not socially inept in anyway, money's just a bit tight now. But I still get out and do fun sh*t, and I haven't let it bring me down.

So, I submit to you ladies, despite all the great things I totally have to offer someone, are these minor set-backs too much for you ladies to handle? Do I still have a shot at all? Or do having, or not having these things completely determine how you respond when you initially give a guy a chance to really show you what he's truly about?

Be honest. I'm a big boy. I can take it.


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  • Well for have a shot. I don't care what a guys social status is and wether or not he is rich, poor, homeless, or average..And I don't expect material things from any guy..Just as long as you wouldn't be taking advantage of me (her) dating is not out of the question..

    • Thank you. Honest and positive feedback. And I'd never take advantage of you or any girl on a date. It ain't my style, ya know? Anyway, thanks again, the other GUY'S answer was kinda bummin' me out. hehehe

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  • Sorry, but you should be focusing on your "temporary setbacks", not on dating. I would wonder about a guy who was trying to date when he had other things more serious to take care of. And in your age range I would no longer buy the idea that you were still growing up and needed time to get your act together. I would seriously consider that you may be making bad decisions with money and your life.


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  • I know you don't want guys opinions but since no one is answering your question I thought I would take a stab anyway.

    When you're younger (say 18-25) girls aren't as picky about where you live, what you drive, if you make decent money, etc. But when I was your age (25-29) I noticed girls getting more critical. They start seeing things as red flags and the more red flags you have the less likely they are to date you. Girls aren't so much looking for cute and fun as they are stable and dependable.

    My advice to you is at least get your housing situation sorted out before you try to seriously pursue women. The car isn't as much of a deal breaker.

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