Will showing up unexpectedly surprise him or?

I want to show up at this guy's place unexpectedly. Will he like it or think I'm crazy? We met before and he was really happy seeing me. He even made all these plans for us to do the next day, but I got scared and confused. I made up a lie and told him I had to go home. I left and after that he didn't text like he use to. I felt really bad about it. He lives about 2 hours away, and I was thinking if I showed up unexpectedly, will he like it or not?


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  • If he is your long term boyfriend... then yeah u can surprise him and he will like it.
    But if he is a guy ur casually dating and hooking up... dont ever do that...
    he might think of u as a crazy stalker... and it might blow up in ur face as this guy may cease all contact with u... be careful

    • We only met once and everything went great. It's just that I got scared cause I had recently gone through a break up, but now I regret leaving like that, and I want to surprise him. He still kept in touch, but I just slowly faded away. This was about a month ago

    • LOL... u have no contact and u wana show up at his place unexpected? hahahaha...
      NEVER do that... u will freak the poor the guy out...
      if u wana meet him... just text him.. "hey how r u, i was thinking about u"...
      send 3-4 texts back and forth max... and if doesn't bring up getting together...
      just ask him "hey lets meet up for coffee or watever"... if he says yes then fine...
      if he says no... then move on... dont ever call or text this guy again.

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  • Dont unexpectedly show up give him a warning at least.

    • But I don't know how to get a hold of him. I just got a new phone and his contact number was in my android. I have an iPhone now. He's not even on Facebook or anything

    • Leave a notice somewhere that he can get to and then you can point out that its his own dang fault cause he's ghosting you..

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  • How unexpectedly?

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