Is he blaming me for not saying I love you? Does he want to break up?

We were talking about our relationship when texting, because I wasn't happy & he said it feels like we don't get anywhere. Then he said we never say the big word. I was waiting for him to say it because I didn't know how he felt. He says he loves being with me, so its weird.

I said I feellike I want to see youmore than you do, and maybe we just want different thigs. He said maybe and I said maybe I'm looking at ohter people'srelationships too much, and he said he's sorry for how he is, but what can he do. He doesn't know what to do.

He said he's been ill and I told him he needs time off work (7 days a week right now). I said maybe he needs time off everything. I don't know what's best. Then he said we could meet this weekend to "clear the air."

Does he love me, if he noticed we never say it? Why is he waiting for me to say it? He never said I want to be with you and make this work. Just we could meet to clear the air.


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  • I think he's overly tired of the whole situation. Both of you need some time alone in order to sort things out.


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  • Its girls job to say i love u... if u love him then say... stop these games.


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