How to spot a potential sugar momma on dating site?

Without asking for her income, what are the things you would spot and figure she has money? How would you go about fishing for more information without her having her guards up?


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  • Occupation and how well written is her profile could be indication as well. However if a woman is well off she probably is intelligent and can see a gold digger miles away.

    You mentioned about your car in other comment, which I assume is a nice car meaning you are doing well yourself, why do you want a sugar momma?

    • I'm looking for my equal :)

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  • So you think you will eventually acquire a sugar mama? Hahaha! Good luck, pal. You're going to need it.

    • If there are 2 equally good looking men out there one is broke and one is rich, I'm sure you will choose the rich one. Don't tell me it's not true, response rate goes up when I use a picture of myself and my car.

    • I have already rejected rich people. I don't want to feel inferior. I am too foolishly proud for that shit.

    • You sound bitter

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