Advice for very tall guy and very short girl?

Okay so I recently became affectionate with a girl who is substantially shorter then me. I'm 6'3 and she is 4'11, I'm looking for advice on kissing with such a huge height difference. she's really cute and fun to be with, so I want to learn to be a better fit despite our height difference :)


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  • Tall guy and short girl are absolutely fine, tell her to wear heels and she will be fine.
    Nothing to worry about.
    The problem starts when guy is short and girl is tall LOL

    • That's funny, I would date a girl taller then me, doesn't happen often that a girl is but if we liked each other I would not let it stop me.

    • Bro, girls like to be smaller than their man so that they can feel small, delicate and feminine.
      Dont believe feminists out there, height is very important for a woman.