Girls 18-24 what's a more unattractive trait in a guy your age, a guy who is pudgy to fat or a guy who has to shave his head band from early hairloss?

I've always been a very aesthetic person, however after my father died I got clinical exhaustion which made me lose my hair early, it's like a mild shock aging follicles and I'm only 20 so I am self conscious of that so instead of having an old man shape of hair I shave it, I rock it honestly there is a slight shadow showing the pattern but still I didn't think it'd set me back too much, then recently a friend who was a girl told me that bald was seen as bad or unattractive as like fat etc which I took personal is I workout to stay slim and don't think it's right hair should be seen that important it makes someone unattractive without it. Anyway be honest here I just want to know.

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  • A guy being overweight is more unattractive
  • A guy being bald is (shaved from hairloss) more unattractive
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Hmm Its ridiculous people value hair as much as health
It's shaved bald


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  • being overweight is definitely more unattractive. some men look sexy bald. but some.

    • Your age though? Keep in mind it's shaved but you see the shadow where you still have hair showing the balding pattern lightly, would that bug you?

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    • Alright I didn't know if the fact a guy was young with no hair would be different, thanks!

    • no its not different, i dont think age makes a different when it comes to being bald

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  • This is the ten thousandth time I've read a question about male early hair loss. There's a search bar for a reason. I'm sure I'm not the only one getting annoyed about them. You get less sympathy when you beat a dead horse.

    • No I literally got this for this question alone as it's the best way to get unbiased answers so don't include me as some internet junkie here I actually had decent confidence in my shaved head, so I ask and won't re ask like whomever else did, what do you think of a shaved head?

  • Still asking this question, ay? Maybe you should focus on getting over it instead.

    • When you've been rejected 18 times and told your fungi when all that's wrong is your hair, you don't move on.

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    • Don't ignore this, I want know how you think it's alright that I shouldn't get the attractive girls I NEED, when others do or that I should date some plain or average girl who likes me? Because if that's what you mean by getting over it I'd take a bullet first. Why should I have to settle?

    • Seriously, I want to know your idea of how I'm supposed to move on if it means not getting attractive girls, that would attract me?

  • Reported.

    • For?

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    • You keep spamming this question and it's annoying please just stop you need some help

    • If you're whole day is so hurt by the fact a guy asks questions about something he's reamed on for by every girl who's attractive on some stupid sight that you need to bitch about it, you need help, SCROLL ON, if that's you in the pic you clearly don't recognize what it feels like to be considered 'fugo' 'gross' etc by people you want to be with. A man can do nothing about no hair why should I have to date a girl who's not attractive?

      If you don't understand why that'd kill someone inside after 18 rejections and no yes's, even when they say it's a shame because they like my personality (proving it is the looks) then you have no empathy, so scroll on, you're annoying by posting here.

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  • Give vin diesel hair and a shit body, and guess if he'd be considered more, or less, attractive.