How do I make my boyfriend who is hurt open up?

We're in a long distance relationship and past 4 months have been really rough. We both have hurt each other a lot but he feels as if I've hurt him more. Maybe I have. We've been dating since 1.8 years. It was a beautiful relationship but now he says he is emotionless and has no feelings. I asked him if he loves me and wants me? He said yes. We've been going on and off since some days, I usually break up and he says every time I try loving you like before you do something. I've a very important exam coming up and though he does call and text but its like he's completely shut even though he says I love you and all. Its just been 2 days since we've patched up.
I preferably want guys opinions on how should I deal with this? Even I'm deeply hurt but I've let go of it, but he seems to be more hurt. Oh and he's very serious for me so nothing like he found somebody else there or something.

He doesn't feel like talking out our misunderstandings, and our communication turns out really stressful since I've turned very insecure by his 'I'm emotionless' behaviour. I've turned really loving since the time he's been pulling away. Is my extra love smothering him?


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  • Take some time, and i would suggest u to back off a bit.
    Give him some time to build his emotions, if ur constantly in his face.. he won't have time to think about u.

  • Well, whenever he is ready he himself will open up to you.

  • refill his emotions, he is empty emotionally , as he consumed all his energy trying to work it out, and he doesn't feel u share the same feeling back
    he is trying to tell you that

    • Please read the updates? I've been giving extra love since some months, like loving him a lot and I feel now he takes me for granted because I always come back no matter how much he hurts me?

    • same answer, he just need to see how hard u need him, would give up or u would hold on him like he did, just refill him,
      did u guys cheat?

    • Nope none of us cheated.

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