Never asked this... is she interested?

So me and my friends go to this small resturant, a girl who works there ( have seen her 4 times total ) keeps staring at me whenever iam there, always locking her eyes on me, getting nervous around me , she even gave me more money by accident once. She is my friends friend 3 years younger than me ( iam 20 but its legal no worries )

I didn't her, chatted her up, she was responsive i was like "wha'ts up? you remember me?" and he was like "of course i do (smiley) " we talked for 3-4 hours, said good night and she did too and we went to bed , next day i started chatting with her again , it was alright then i felt she was getting a bit unresponsive so i was like :
Me: you mad or upset?
her: ofcourse not why would i be? (smiley)
me: cool, i dont like making people upset.

She started becoming more active and then i was typing something then deleted it, she asked me what i was i said nothing, she kept asking to know what i was going to right (really insisiting ) i told her i will say later she wanted to know right now and threated to ignore me if i dont tell her ( in a joking way ) i told her she has pretty eyes and nose and she said okay iam going...

i told her okay and said :"i dont know you but would love to, i am not usually interested in getting to know someone, but sometimes it happens and i gotta do it" ... she became much more active and resposinve writing 2-3 line texts and sending smilies and stuff for the next hour or two then at midnight she must have told me good night 2-3 times and it went like this " good night, i will send to you later " (send a message of course nothing else to send tbh) . and it happened a day ago, now iam waiting... so any ideas?

i added her *


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  • My idea is to keep talking but ask her for a date fairly soon. Don't stay in the talking stage too long or she will assume that you aren't really interested.

  • It doesn't matter at all unless u ask her out.

  • You should be asking her out.

    It doesn't matter if she likes you or not, just ask her out. If she says no or gives you some BS excuses, you move on... if she says yes, you've got a date.

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