Do woman get angry when they see men with younger woman?

Something my aunt, who is single, brought up the other day was that she despises how the men at her work place always go for woman in their 20's. Basically accorinding to her, they're all creeps. So it got me thinking, I am now 22, whenever I ask girls out these days, they all reject me. They want nothing to do with me, that is girls my age. But will it be the case, when I am in my 40s and I have long completed my masters in engineering and gotten high up the ranks in my potential career. (Not that I am super intelligent or anything, but I work very hard so its not an impossibility). And I can choose among hot 20 year olds to date. Will those same woman who keep rejecting me now, who will be in their 40s, look at me with contempt like the way my aunt looks at her colleagues. Is that what happens, men get more desirable with age and when they get to a point where they can pick and choose quality, the woman, who become less desirable with age feel entitled to attention they didn't give to those men during the younger days?


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  • It makes me angry when I see gross older men taking advantage of younger women but other than that idgf

    And like think about this for a minute. Why are men in their 40s not attractive enough to women in their 40s for those women to date them? Why do they have to date down? Isn't that kind of sad to you and make you wonder what's going on with that guy?

    You're really better off working on yourself and your life and not worrying about who may or may not be thinking things about you.

    • I mean, is there really anything wrong with it? You may not understand as a woman, but women have it extremely easy when they are young. It is when they are at the peak of their sexual value. Most guys are sexually worthless when they are young. So when you see an older guy dating a younger woman, it is merely men finally enjoying their sexual value in the same way women did when they were young.

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    • Thank you ma'am. To be honest, it was really helpful to hear that I'm not worthless from a woman.

    • @JRICHARDS1996 I think you already knew it. I'm just reminding you ;)

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  • It mostly comes from older women who are angry that they are no longer as desirable as they were when they were younger.

    You see, sexual value is opposite for the sexes. Whereas women start out with all of their sexual value during their youth and then begin to lose it, men start out sexually worthless and then begin to acquire it as they age and get their lives together.

    This means that many of the really hot girls who were desirable during college can end up the bitter, desperate old cat ladies while many of the shy, loser guys who were introverts in college can end up the really successful, desirable men once they age a bit.

    Frankly it is hypocrisy for older women to be angry about this. They got to have their fun when they were younger; why is it so wrong for men to finally get to have their fun as well? If women were able to be picky when they were young, why can't men be picky now that they are older?

    I wouldn't marry a woman older than 20 years old.

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