I'm dating this guy I've met online.

This going to be long...I talk to Ryan for a couple days through MySpace and texting for a couple days then we've planed a date. The first day we planed a date he called and told me his mother was in town and couldn't hang out. The second attempt he told me after I had to text him that his brother was in the hospital getting his tumor removed. I got upset and called him and he apologized and everything. The third attempt we went on the date but he wasn't on time cause he said his mother was in town again, so after that we came and picked me up at my house and met the parents and all. We went back to the house cause there wasn't nothing else to do. We drink a little and we clicked really well. We're very shy so the alcohol loosen us up a little better. Well one thing lead to another and we had sex. I actually lost me virginity to him. When I got home this girl message me on MySpace asking what was going on between us cause she was dealing with him, so that was a big mess and I was trying to contact him the whole day. He comes to my house and we talk. He tells me that the last time he dealt with her was back in January, so that dies down and everything is good again. Two days go by and we still texting each other and stuff. I saw him Wednesday and we went to dinner then back to his apartment and things leads to the bedroom again. We start to do it but I was worried about messing up my hair, haha. He starts laughing a little then he gets off of me and goes to the bathroom. I'm sitting there wondering why he stop in the middle of getting sex started. He told that it was hurting me (this my second time having sex) and it was kind of boring. I told him that it was starting to feel good and why he stop. We get our clothes back on and he takes me home, this is around 10:50pm. I'm wondering if he went to pick up another female and had sex with her that night! He said he was going to hang out with me yesterday but he didn't call me but this anonymous girl got on my formspring.me telling me that he was over her house and they kissed and stuff. This is the second girl contacting me about them seeing him too. Do you think he's cheating on me? There is way more to the story so feel free to ask questions. Should I drop me? What should I do about this guy?


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  • well you need to ask him and find out everything for sure get to the bottom of things...MySpace isn't the best place to find someone to be with...a hook up sure but a relationship noo..just about all of them turn out bad...it's happened to like all my friends but me


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