If you could only ask up to 5 questions before immediately deciding to marry someone. What would you ask?

Let's say in some hypothetical world all dating is speed dating. You get to ask up to 5 questions and depending on their response you have decide on the spot whether or not you're willing to marry them. Let's also assume that none of these people would purposefully hurt you in any way and there's also no divorce in this magical world. What would you ask?


What Girls Said 2

  • 1. Are you open-minded and open-hearted?
    2. Do you love and want children?
    3. Do you value faithfulness and honesty?
    4. Would you strive for better communication and understanding if an argument or conflict were to come up instead of running away and ignoring the situation?
    5. Are you as weird and dorky as me and will you be willing to dress up as a Disney Prince for me and walk around in public singing Disney songs?

    I'm serious on #5, I'm serious as fuck. You better be ready to be my date and pair up with me Disney style man. This is serious shit right here.

  • Tell them to go fck themselves 5 times. See what happens. Judge it from there.


What Guys Said 1

  • These are my five questions:
    1) are you a liberal or conservative?
    2) what is your blood type?
    3) what is your heritage and family history?
    4) please elaborate on your sexual desires and history?
    5) what is your position on religion & abortion?