Should I give my crush my facebook or number or both?

Well I won't be giving it directly to him I wish I could (long story short) I'm passing it to his older brother. Should I give him my number to give his brother or my facebook or both?


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  • It is very hard to draw any opinion and tell you that what would be better in this case unless and until I know the whole scenario and long story short thing, it would be much better if you pass the number directly to him to avoid any type of confusion the longer the medium of communication the less perfect the message will become, you cannot rely on how people think and what they would do ultimately some people are habitual to add lies and modify the actual thing, some people just mess up things because of jealousy and you will never know what happened, as far as giving Facebook and number is concerned, I want to ask what are the possible harms in giving both? if you have crush with him? I think if you like him then you have no need to be hesitant or hide anything from him unless there is any need to. I hope that helped you to some extent.

    • Yeah today I gave my facebook and number just in case and if they don't make an effort to contact me at least I know I tried and I'm not the problem they are

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    • I can understand your situation I have been through almost same thing, but I hope your result won't be same as mine, that day never came for me, just be hopeful and keep patience, but don't be totally passive, just keep looking on it, I really wish you meet him he is such a lucky guy to have you. God bless you.

    • Thank you means a lot well if they don't approve of me their loosing out on me their problem

  • Give him facebook...
    if he is interested in u... he will ask u out on fb and then when u will go out..
    then u can give him ur number...
    who knows he might be a stalker lol


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