What's behind a females logic?

I don't get females logic.

me and my of 2 years broke up in December, she jumps into a new relationship 2 weeks later.

I've never interfered in her relationship. All contact has been intiated by her.

middle of January she text me after not talking for a month and a half. We chat then I told her I'm not one to come between people. So she stops texting.

February she would text me more out of the blue, we even hung out which she asked if we could talk I agreed and we did. But after that we stopped contact again.

so told first time we've talked in a month she randomly text me "I need you to block me on everything -____-" I don't understand that we don't follow each other on SM or anything.

I dont understand this this girls logic. She's still with her guy so I'm like wtf


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  • Well she's trying to get over you, obviously :p
    Either she took the boyfriend to make you jealous, or to get her mind off you, or both. Chances are, you're driving her absolutely nuts.

    • Lol either I haven't bother her at all like I haven't even reached out to her for anything. She reaches out to me

    • Yeah, it's called "not getting over someone". She probably dreams about you at night, and there's not much you can do about that :p

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  • Females are driven by their emotions and Males are driven by logic and reasoning. SIMPLE.
    Obviously she won't happy with her guy and trying to keep u as backup plan.
    U should say "hey look, ur still with ur guy and if things dont work out with him then contact me, otherwise i have no interest in being in a love triangle"
    she will 100 % dump him and come to u..
    but if u go along being her friend... she will never leave her boyfriend

    • yeah it's so simplified it comes off as vague and stupid

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    • Nope, only the French debate the way I love :D

    • @Aetumn Your lips look dry by the way... let me help them moisten up for u... and u help me teach french kiss.. ;)

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  • How is this female logic? You must not know male logic cause some of y'all do the exact same thing, what they want is familiar p*ssy and d*ck.


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  • She's ambivalent. Hence the please block me.

    • Can you explain this

    • You broke up for some reason, but breakups always leave some residual feelings positive and negative. After a while she also had negative feelings along with positive ones in her new relationship. At times the positive feelings from your old relationship join up with the negative feelings in the current one and she calls you.