Should I go for a second shot?

So i asked a girl out last week who I am classmates with. She told me she would have liked to but she had started seeing someone. I think it's a lie because she didn't do anything that weekend I had asked. But I still talk to her in school and we text here and there. I was thinking of just letting her know again how I really feel. I don't want to be pushy and I know it's not right that I do it but what if? I was thinking of telling her around the lines of *Hey listen I really think you are a magnificent girl and I really have come to like you. I know you told me you are seeing someone but I really don't know if that is true or not. I just wanted to take another shot and ask you out and maybe you'll get to know the kind of person I am". I don't want to do that, that is just the little bit of whiskey in me lol. but I wanted to know what you girls and guys thought?


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  • She didn't lie just because she didn't do anything that weekend. I'm still with someone whether I see him on a particular night or not.

    • I understand that but I have been talking with her before class for 2 months now and she never showed any signs of seeing someone. she would tell me she doesn't do anything on the weekends.

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  • DUDE... she blew u off like dirt on her shoes and ur still chasing her? WOW
    have some self respect and dont ever talk text her or contact her...
    u asked her out.. she knows u like her... if she is interested she will get in touch with u..
    if she talks to u.. just say "hey, i asked u out but u decline.. im not interested in being ur just a friend.. i like u romantically.. so if u dont have the same feelings then dont talk to me" and then just leave..
    what you're doing is basically telling her.. no matter how much she jerks u around u will keep coming back for more... grow a set of balls and walk away..
    or u will always be kept in the friendzone..

    • Yeah I feel you man. I mean I am alone with her in the mornings so she still talks to me but I don't really go after her like that either. But I don't know man I can't really just throw her off like that either. I'll seem like a dick.

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    • lmfao I feel you. Like I said though man I'm not being a push over. I see her in the mornings we say good morning and thats it I just try to ignore her.

    • I guarantee you, u will always remain in friendzone.
      You can't even stand up for urself,, how the feck ur gona ever stand for ur woman...

  • Don't do it

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