Will I regret letting him back into my life?

basically, i removed him completely from my life 2 months ago after 1 yr of him leading me on and breaking my heart. i finally told him to leave me alone and then deleted him off fb. at this point, after 2 months, i dont exactly miss him in the "im pining for you" way, and i dont want to know what's going on in his life btu i do want to re-add him on fb. i only deleted him to get over him. my life has changed a lot since i removed him and i feel confident in myself that should i re-add him i will not go snooping. i know that if i did, id probably not like what im gonna see and i dont want that feeling. in fact, im atually terrified to check his profile. however, i dont mind him checking up on me. if he messages me, i probably won't respond. not really interested. I've learned that he is wrong for me in all ways and that i could never trust him even if he were to reach out to me. truth is, removing him was great because it gave me the strength to move on and now that I've realized i can live without him and his attention, i think ill be alright to re-add him. hOWEVER here's my dilemma. if i try and re-add him, he has the ability to reject my friend request (which would kinda be embarassing, but also hilarious!!!). secondly, if he did accept my request, he'd probs get the idea that im not over him. deep down, i dont think ill ever be able to forget about him. he was the first guy i truly had feelings for and the sexual chemistry will never go away or how it felt kissing him, but i have accepted that we won't be together and i think im alright with that. i can look back on my time with him and my experience and know that it was a fun ride but that in the end it wasn't meant to be. in al honesty, not having him on fb drives me more crazy than having him lmao

so basically, what do you think i should do?

please help


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  • See...
    as time goes by we human being , we tend to look at the past through rose coloured glasses... and we forget the negative things and focus on positive things...
    so now its been a couple of months.. ur forgetting the negative things and ur trying to rekindle the things...
    my ex did this to me... after 2 months.. she started dedicating songs to me on social media, liking my posts etc... she was trying to get a rise out of me.. basically she was trying me to contact her and chase her but i dint..
    after about 1 month when she saw im not contacting her.. finally she texted me and i asked her out immediately,,, we are together ever since...
    So its all upto u... if u wana talk to him.. dont send him friend request just tell him "hey how r u"... if he doesn't respond to u or doesn't make a date or behaves like a cold fish then u have ur answer and dont ever contact him again...

    • the thing is, i told him to not talk to me again. truth is, i feel like if i were to contact him he'd respond. other problem is that he is interested in me but due to logistics we can't actually date right now and he isn't looking to date at this time. i feel like i embarrassed myself when i told him off and I'm not sure he actually cares. I'm not sure if I'm making a fool of myself

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    • i agree wholeheartedly. honestly, i feel at peace :) its a great feeling. and not checking his fb or anything is really really helping me too. like the way i see it is this. if he tries to contact me (which he will when he's bored or wants some sort of ego boost) i have two options. 1) i can choose not to answer him since ehe never answered me lol or 2) respond by saying a week later "sucks when you get ignored doesn't it" lmao. ill probably go with number one even though number 2 is more fun for me. and whatever he says in response, cuz he would come back saying something ill just be like "cool.. well i gotta go, have a date in 20 minutes." lol

    • Dont do that...
      what i do wen my ex contact me after few weeka or months is...
      Hey nice hearing from u... wen r u free for coffee..
      If he says no this time too then stop all contact...
      And if he reaches out to u again just say..
      Hey nice hearing from u but i gotta run.. keep in touch... Thats it... dont ever bring up getting together again

  • Wow you really like this guy don't you, just add him back and see what happens, I'm sure he misses talking with you have faith

    • i did but he broke my heart and has hurt me more times than i can count with empty promises. the problem is that i know that if we started talking again, the same issue would arise that was the main source of conflict. we were never in the same province at the same time and he wasn't looking to start a relationship

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    • Well if something feels right, I'd go for it. I know probably sounds cliche or something but, I believe certain people come and go in our lives for some purpose and it all happens for a reason

    • i believe that too. but I'm not hopeful

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  • I think that you should add him back. it's his choice as to how he takes your friends request and whether he accepts or not. but if say that since there used to be strong feelings there then the possibility of him declining the request is pretty low. I also think that you know that you're happier now and have accepted that you guys aren't meant to be and that someone better will come along so I'd say that adding him back on Facebook will actually benefit you as you now c him as a friend and you can c how he's doing with his life and be happy for him, as he can be for you. and if he says something to you or makes any kind of accusation that you may still have feelings for him, etc then you can make it clear that your intentions are pure friendliness and that you just want to c how he's doing. so I'd say no harm in adding him back. good luck x

    • so i texted him and he iddnt know who it was so i was like "its ______" and he was like "oh wow! its been a while. how are you doing?" and we've been talking ever since. back to normal again. i asked him if he had snapchat and he was like "nope. should i get it?" and i was like ya you should and he said, alright i will. so like clearly were both still into each other. like if he didn't want to talk to me he'd have ignored me but he never has. thats what so odd about us. we fight but we love the attention we give each other. the good thing about this is that by using snapchat, he can see whats going on in my life, but i won't have to see whats going on in his its the perfect solution. like i have a formal this coming week and ill be getting my hair and makeup done and have a date so i kinda wanna make him jealous haha

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    • hahah i hope so... but we'll see

    • good luck x