Guys, what encourages you to ask a girl out?

You're already friends
mention all the details please : physical, moral and what makes you reject her or discourages you from asking her out..


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  • Well.. The most important factor while asking a girl out is knowing how she will react. Now I totally believe that a girl has every right in the world to accept or reject anybody she wants.. ANYBODY. What makes the difference is how she will reject. Some girls are caring and let you down nicely. They understand how difficult it is to ask someone out. Some girls are really mean creatures who take great fun in crushing a guy's ego to the ground by demeaning him in front of many people.. Spreading rumours about him and making fun of him. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. Everyone here will give you a different description of " beautiful " but I guess this thing matters the most. How will she reject you.

    • Wow O. o.. never thought of it this way.. thanks :))

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    • I have asked only 2 girls to be my girlfriends till date. But if you're asking about the girls I asked out for dates and flirted and wooed.. Then the most important thing they had in common was that they were fun to talk to.. interesting. Looks wise saying I like girls with long hair.. Not too short.. But upto 5'3" is okay. ( I am 5'11 and the average male height of my country is 5'7 ) . Complexion does nkt matter unless it is too extreme. MUST NOT BE FLAT CHESTED. I dont want every girl to be 38 D but flat chest is a no no. If you have small boobs, a good ass must be present. Must be humble. Rest all is okay.. Not much of a hassle

    • I'm not flat no --' my chest size causes me breathing problems.. I'm overweight.. I don't think I'm very unattractive.. a lot of guys like my appearence
      :(( my hair is medium
      he's taller.. we always discuss intresting subjects : good books, music, social problems, science I don't know : EVERYTHING
      he also told me in different occasions that he likes the way I think ( you know with that deep gase of appreciation )
      I'm always fun and easy going
      he sometimes wines about being single saying : forever alone --'

  • If I feel that I can talk with her about it and if she is looking fine and not an slut then I might ask her out, but I didn't had many female friends like that. :/

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