If a guy is friends with benifets with you does he stil have feelings?

Me and my boyfriend broke up I still like him. But we agreed on friends with benifets. Do you still think he has feelings for me if we are still having sex and fooling around?


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  • That's kind of a complicated question... was he the one that broke up with you or were you the one that broke up with him? And why?
    I think that if you were to have an interest in someone else or started banging someone else I have no doubt he definitely would be upset.
    Is it a monogamous relationship? Even though it's friends with benefits? What's the arrangement? Is he fucking or dating other girls?
    My thing is... If you want more than just sex, and you can't get that from him... Then you need to woman up and let this situation go so that you are free to pursue someone who can fulfill you in all the ways that you need... Otherwise you are just pussy to him. Don't you want to be more than that to someone?


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  • Here's the thing with those arrangements: it's just sex. The only feelings associated with it is lust. If he liked you for more then y'all would have gotten back together.