Can you work with someone you just hooked up with?

So, imagine you were hooking up with a coworker and you mutually decided to call it quits. But you see the person every day. Would you be able to easily turn off your lust for them? Or would you keep picturing them naked? Since there was sex just days ago, would you still lust for the person? Or can you turn it off that easily? I'm not talking about a serious relationship with serious ending. I'm talking about a hook up or friends with benefits. One day you're having sex, the next you're not. Can you turn off your lust that quickly?

  • Yes, I can turn my feelings off at work
  • No, I'll always be picturing him/her naked
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What Guys Said 1

  • If she was attractive, yeah. I don't know why. I guess it's a "pride" thing? Like, if she's really hot I can walk around thinking "yeah, I had her." and that's an easy thing to think - other than the occasional deviant smile, nothing about it would leak from my mind into the observable world. But recalling sex with an unattractive person seems more like a 'favor'. Like I was used (mutually, but still used). That's just what my instincts tell me, though. I don't know how things would go in real life. I suppose I would just get used to it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I did this when i was 18 and it was the worse idea ever.
    My Mom always told me to keep my relationships private.
    I hooked up with a 36 year old Man who said he wanted to marry me etc. etc. etc. He turned out be jealous and controlling in many ways.
    I cut him off, and he blew up that we had sex in the work place.
    I responded by saying, "You wish!"
    I didn't talk to him for months on end!
    I didn't even look his way.
    The hate was strong!
    Worse idea ever.
    Don't date your co-worker.
    Keep it professional!

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