I'm nearly due to have my ex's baby? What to do?

So, basically. Three months after we split up, I found out I was pregnant. We didn't end well, he practically hated me and was clearly flirting with other girls at the time. Both of us were left pretty hurt.

Anyway, that plan had always been to move in, settle down together and then have kids. He wanted them just as much as me.

As soon as I found out, I headed to his house with a note telling him he was going to be a dad. He texted me in disbelief.

To give him credit where it's due, he's been at every scan with me and even been attending prenatal classes. We've been getting close again.

Im now almost 7 months pregnant and he's been pretty clingy lately. He's been checking up on me and visiting as well as feeling the baby kick.

We've been spending some of the nights together with films and he's been trying to take care of me again. The past few nights, he's been staying over and seems to be really excited about the pregnancy and the baby.

I still love him, and I think he'd be a great dad. He was once a great boyfriend too. I'm trying to get over our break up and am kinda hoping we can work towards getting back together again.

what do you think? He wants to be there for the birth too.

  • You should get back with him.
  • Don't get back with him.
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  • You guys sound adorable, ship you both


Most Helpful Girl

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. And becoming a mother 💖 by the sounds of it he's ready to take on responsibility, but having a child and a relationship is hard work, both a full time job practically. I think you should establish first on what it is you both want and expect out of eachother, that way your feelings are spared. Congrats again and good luck :)

    • Thank you, you're absolutely right :)

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  • Wait and see how it goes but don't hastily get married or anything. Be rational about it.

    • Exactly that's what I'm trying to do. I'm

What Girls Said 3

  • Sounds like it's worth giving it another try. But I think you should talk about it and agree to not let it end on bad terms again if it does. For the sake of the kid who it seems you both want to be parents to, you need to commit to being amicable going forward regardless of whether your relationship works out or not.

    • Yeah you're absolutely right. We kinda need to be level headed with each other either way now.

  • I think you two should co-parent, but not rush to get back together quite yet. Once you have the baby and the initial newborn excitement dies down, who knows how things are going to be with him and you.

    • You're absolutely right. Got to take it easy for now I think.

  • There should be a third option that reads "don't leave your baby's future to the file decision making of a bunch of strangers" honestly, I can barely decide what kind of oatmeal to eat for breakfast

    • That's fine, but you didn't need to comment if that's the case :)