I messed up with my girlfriend and was wondering what to do next?

I need help with this. So we have been dating for 3 months and she wasn't ready for sex (learned the hard as you will read). I have never dated anyone in my life before so i didn't really know what i was doing again. We were fooling around and well to cut the story short i was attempting to go "in" but then she told me to stop and asked what was i doing and that she never said we were going to have sex. She got mad and was leaving my house and said im like her ex who just wanted sex.

I can gurantee you and her that i dont want her for sex, i don't care if we don't have sex for now. I really love her and since last night she didn't reply to my texts or call me back. i'm really worried and i don't want to lose her, i really love her and i was wondering what can i do? I called her 5 times today and nothing. What can i do?


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  • Give her space that's prob the hardest yet simple thing u can do the more you push on her the more she'll get annoyed and push u away! I can relate to her it seems sex is something very intimate and special she wants to make sure she is 100 before y'all go in for it

    • i talked to her today about and told her i got a bit out of hand and i should asked before. I told her im willing to wait until she is fine with it and i don't want her for sex, i want her for HER. She was happy today cause she thought i was like her ex and so i explained to her that i can wait.

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  • I think she is mad understandably. You need to give her some space and then try to apologize to her. If she doesn't want to have sex , you have to respect her wish and if that is a deal breaker with you; then you may have to put this relationship past you. if not then, work hard to get her trust back.

    • i can wait for sex, it was dumb of me not to ask her. I hope tomorrow she will talk to me.

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  • Don't do that. Stop bombarding her with texts and phone calls. If she wants to speak to you, she will do so on her own.

    • yeah i stopped, she said she would be willing to talk to me today

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