Why am I always attracted to gay guys?

My ex boyfriend just came out as bisexual. I've liked several other guys in the past who turned out to be gay, and my friends tease me about it. So when my ex and I started dating, I did question the possibility in my mind, but because of his personality, his interests, and the fact that we had a very good and healthy sex life for over two years from start to finish, I decided it probably wasn't possible. Now I'm not homophonic in any way, I have a lot of close friends who are gay, and when my ex came out to me, I felt myself love him even more because I knew he was figuring something out about himself, and I wanted to be there for him and support him, which I do. However, I can't help but be completely discouraged when it comes to my own love life. As ignorant or blatant as it may sound, I want to be with somebody who is straight, and who is going to love me and only me, because if I ever felll in love with another man who decided he also liked men, I'd feel like I'd have to let him go to explore his needs. I don't know why it is that I am attracted to men who are also attracted to men, especially when all of them have been so different from one another. I've become so bitter lately that I just assume any guy I pass and find attractive is probably gay. It's awful to think and feel that way, especially when I'm so incredibly proud of my ex. I think it's probably the hardest with him because unlike the other guys, I was in love with him. Has anybody else ever felt this way? I don't want to offend anybody or come across as ignorant.


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  • How the hell are we supposed to know why? I don't understand why people ask question in regards to themselves that we clearly do not know the answer.

    • If you don't have an answer, don't answer the question.

    • That's the thing! Nobody does.