Is my GIRLFRIEND cheating?

My girlfriend hates that I walk my coworker to her car after work. She said “You never walk me to my car, it just makes me feel like chopped liver. Like why am I even your gf”?

Most of the time my girlfriend is gone before I can even walk her to her car so I don’t understand why she’s mad when she leaves before me. Secondly they asked me to walk them to their car. If my girlfriend wanted that she should have asked me. She said, “I would prefer you not do it” I told her if someone asks me to walk them to their car I will do that. She said crying” It just hurts my feelings that you go the extra mile for them when I’m your girlfriend and you don’t even make sure I get home safe.” I told her “You leave before I do plus you don’t even say bye. How can I walk you to your car if you’re already gone? “ She said don’t worry about it, its not important.

After this she’s just been distant, she hardly makes conversation with me. The little conversation we do have I force it and she gives one word answers. She tell me "do what you want it doesn’t matter". I don't know what she’s been up too but she’s always on her phone and out with her friends. The last conversation we had she told me about this guy sending her nudes and she blocked his number. She just stopped caring.


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  • I doubt that she is cheating on you, but she is obviously hurt about the fact that she thinks that you don't care about her that much.


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  • I don't know that she is cheating but when someone tries to pick a fight over such a contrived matter, it usually means they are looking for an excuse to break up with you.


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