When a girl physically moves away from you? Personal space?

1. This girl was flirting with me a lot lately (sitting too close to me, touching my arm, kicking on my leg) but now she seems cold, maybe i turned her off by not making a move and asking her out.

2. Now she seems cold and distant and since she was so touchy feely earlier, now she physically moves her chair away from me...

is this a clear sign she lost interest?

  • She lost interest , i should move on. Moving away is a clear sign of disinterest.
  • She is still interested.
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We were sitting and she moved her chair a abit away from me... creating distance between us... is she avoiding me?


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  • There are three possibilities

    1) She was never truly interested and was just flirting and playing games with you to see if she could get someone interested to build her ego
    2) She likes you but is immature and is playing hard to get.
    3) She was truly interested and suddenly lost interest but I highly doubt it's this one because you wouldn't be confused about what you did wrong. She would have only lost interest and started behaving the way she is behaving if some sort of altercation happened, or if you did something obviously weird like sniff her and tell her she smells like your mother lol.

    Regardless of the reason I'd say move on, because even if she likes you and is playing hard to get , people who play games like that never make healthy stable partners.

    • Also if she is giving you space because she doesn't know what she wants don't start anything with her people who act before thinking then pull back and do this who back and fourth thing aren't ready for something stable and healthy , you want a partner who thinks before displaying certin behaviors and thinks before getting into things

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    • All these signs of disinterest + ex in the back...
      do u think im done? should i move on? ... coz if she is showing so many signs of disinterest... i dont wana make a fool out of myself?

    • Yeah move on. If someone truly likes you they wouldn't pull their attention away from you suddenly like that.

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  • it could be possibel that she moved her chair for a reason and your just overthinking it.

    • What do u think why she moved her chair away from me?
      was she telling me indirectly that she is ain't interested and i shouldn't bother talking to her?

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    • yeah she lost interest in you because you never asked her out, i would suggest you to ask her out.

    • thanks for the MHO :)

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  • she might just want to see if your'll make the extra effort now like she did, flirt with her like she was and if she rejects it give her space and just be friendly, she could just be going through something and want to flirt again in the future

  • She is a avoiding you but it might not be totally severe that she has lost interest, it could just be she wants space or is wondering what she wants. The best thing is to try and talk to her, if that fails then act disinterested and that way she may want you back.

    • No actually i heard that there is an ex in the back... and she is hanging out with him.
      Since i dint ask her out , so she ends up dumping me and going back into the arms of ex and now showing signs of disinterest towards me?

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    • Now she is showing signs of disinterest like -
      she talks to me but her body faces towards her ex, she checks out other dudes right when she is sitting next to me, she doesn't share personal space with me etc
      All these signs of disinterest + ex in the back...
      do u think im done? should i move on? ... coz if she is showing so many signs of disinterest... i dont wana make a fool out of myself?

    • Yes you do need to move on. Even though it might hurt it is best for yourself that you don't get hurt anymore.

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