How often do you exchange emails with your match before organizing first meeting?

If someone used to write you everyday, then he tells you he is going out of town for work. Then you haven't heard from him for 2 days.

Should you take it as a hint to move on? As these days communication is easy. he could have written in hotel room before he goes to sleep?

  • Once a day
  • Once every 2 days
  • Multiple times a day
  • Others
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  • After a few emails exchanged on the first day, if it appears you are vibeing then ask to meet at a Starbucks then if you like him give him your number... or ask for number after you exchanged a few emails... if a person is reluctant meet off site then their not interested, so move on...

    • I think you are spot on about how the guys ask me out. What do you think of my current situation?

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    • I think I found it and commentbe. Good take about DUFF

    • Okay great... if you click on my profile all of them should be there... lol I am working on one that actually address professional daters and flakers

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  • Look people are busy these days... some people use emails, text, calls just to set appointments... but such people are rare...
    even if someone is busy they might mail/text u twice a day.

    • We haven't exchanged number yet. I guess I should take the lack of reply as a reply.

    • Actions speak louder than words... yes u can

  • There are still places with no mobile reception so it isn't a given they have moved on

    • He is going to anther big city. Pretty sure there will be reception and wifi

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    • He could just write it with his phone while his new squeeze is in the bathroom.

    • Ask him if he will video chat with you on line app or something and make him show you his surroundings

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