How do I bring it up to my boyfriend that I don't feel like a priority?

We have been dating for a little less than 2 months. We live about an hour away from each other. I haven't seen him since 3/14. I have made the drive the last few times. This week was his spring break and last week he said he'd try to come up and see me this week. Well it's Friday and he hasn't. We didn't talk at all Monday and I brought it up on Tuesday and was a little bitchy saying "well thanks for ignoring me for almost two days". He apologized and said he was moving stuff and then hung out with his friend. Monday was his only day off work and he chose to spend it with someone he sees all the time rather than his girlfriend who he rarely sees. So then I said "so I guess I won't see you this week then" (after he told me his work schedule) and he said "I could probably try to come up Thursday during the day" well Thursday came and nothing was mentioned about him visiting and it hurt my feelings. I don't feel like a priority in his life. Like, I'm not even in the top 5. I don't wanna break up with him, but I want him to treat me better. I'm angry with him, but I'm HORRIBLE at confrontation and don't know how to bring it up so I act like everything's fine, which makes things worse. He has made no plans to see me anytime in the near future. He still tells me he loves me and everything, but things seem weird. Probably because he's on spring break and his schedule is just different. But it really hurts me that he made no effort to hang out with me at all this week. How do I bring this up to him? Without being all bitchy and annoying...


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  • Some people put way too much priority on their friends to the point a SO gets the back seat. Your boyfriend sounds like the type of guy that values his friends more than you. This is further complicated by the distance. Some guys also do not need constant interaction with their girlfriend. Like they only need you part-time. He probably does love you and wants to be with you, but just no where near as much as you want to be with him. So basically the way things are with him is just how he is. I don't see him changing that significantly. Either accept it, or let him go.


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  • Okay so, what I think you should do is call him to meet up anywhere you guys want, and tell him u want to talk about something really important.. Now before u meet him, you MUST calm down, coz if not, things are gonna go worse! And when something annoys you ( in his acts or so ) just tell him, dont leave it inside you and expect him to figure it out all alone.. Coz he won't, he might not see that it bothers u or hurts ur feelings so he doesn't try to fix it, and he won't fix anything unless you tell him about it CALMLY 😆 anytime someone gets mad or whatever just stop the conversation for a bit and when u both calm down, go back to it trying to avoid any arguments.. Good luck


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