Is it hard for manual labour workers to date muchless have a ltr?

I always see these hard at work construction guys all over the place.
Once I saw one guy (very goodlooking minus all the grim from his job) smile and try to talk to a female and she just gave him a nasty look and ignored him. And it made me wonder is it hard for them to maintain relationships because of their work schedule and most of the time when they are around people of the public they are a big on the grungy side (though they can't help it, tis the job that they do).

Whats your take?


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  • its cuz people think that its like a "low" kind of job. but that female that ignored him probably works at mcdonalds... he'll be alright. someone out there is attracted to big grungy guys...

    • I always wondered about these guys... I never hear anyone say "oh my boyfriend is a painter... or my boyfriend does construction..."like I never hear anyone say anything about guys like them except for all they do is "cat call". which I have had happen to me time and time again...

    • they definitely cat call a lot... but they know its more likely than not that they will be ignored. but when they are off work... i bet they have some "pull"... some.
      all i say to that is that at least he has a job and is working... some don't.

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