I really like her, but here's my situation, any help?

I really really like this girl, and truly care about her (told her I cared about her also). I try and help her and do whatever I can for her whenever I can also. I finally had the guts, and asked her out. She said yes, but whenever I asked her for a time (even when I offered a time), she blew it off. Eventually asked her about it and she said she was "busy with work" (we are both HS seniors btw). That part was my first let down. She stares at me and always talks to me, and when I don't text her or contact her, she gets upset (not mad, more sad).

It wasn't until a few days ago I find she liked another guy, and they had a falling out also. Intresting enough though, she actually showed me her phone and what he sent her (again, a bad sign for me). The text messages showed her purposely going out of her way to make dates, and times with him, which made me believe that I was never in the run. To make it all worse, she called me "Fam", which was icing on the cake for already finding all this out.

here's my dillema, at this point I know she doesn't feel the same way back, and she knows how I feel about her. She keeps "hinting" at prom, but I just don't know. I want to move on, but I feel that tinge of jealousy anytime I see another guy with her, or miss her when I don't talk. What do I do? Stop Texting? Stop Talking? she's a great girl don't get me wrong, but I need a way to move forward :/


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  • she is playing you for the attention you give her thats all. i also feel that will never change. stop texting her and talking to her and find someone else who treat you with the love and respect you deserve

    • Thanks, I think I just need a wake up call if you get what I mean. Someone jolt me up and say there's more out there, not just her. Again, thanks!

    • Yea I too feel she's playing you for attention..

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  • She's using you I would say. You need to confront her about this if it really starts to bother you. If she keeps texting this guy move on. It will be hard but I think you deserve more respect than that. You'll find someone else. It might be someone you least expected

  • You are her back up option.
    She doesn't want to go with you to the prom she just doesn't want to go alone.


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