How does an older virgin find a relationship when women think he's a freak for not having had sex yet?


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  • i do not think like that and I am older than you. just be yourself... if you find woman call/think you are a freak - then it is their loss. I would prefer it this was (not a Tom Cat!!) leave sexual or past relationships until you get to known a woman first.

    • What about size? Does it matter to women in our age range?

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    • I'm honestly considering giving up. Online dating is a joke, and I'm an introvert.

    • Then leave the online dating for now. Just do things you enjoy in life and stop looking. You never know what would happen. I know people are very quick to judge this annoys me big time, I am shy myself which is a barrier. Sometimes I come across confident but not feeling the same inside.

      I guess it is up to you whether you want to take the advise on board or not - that is your choice. A friend told me if I keep looking it will not happen... all I can say is just enjoy life and you never know what is round the corner.

  • I don't think that..

    • Many women my age do.

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  • you don't have to tell people your entire sexual history or lack of one at such an early stage , if your just casually meeting or dating people there is no need to discuss this , I'm not saying lie to them but isn't really a reason to bring this up unless someone has a legimate question about it , such as sexual health or concerns you or them might have an std.

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