I like my best friends boyfriend, help?

so, this guy i've known all my life and my friend have recently became close and now they're going out. But i've sort of lowkey liked him for a while and now they're being all coupley. i wouldn't really care except now their making me be their third wheel, which actually hurts because you know its my bestfriend and the boy i like and im being forced to watch them. Now she's asking me to go on a date with them to the cinema and i honestly want to shoot my brains out.
Anyway, anyone either got tips on how to get over him or tell them that i really don't want to spend time with them when they're together without them realising that i actually like him?


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  • I have actually been the third wheel and it does totally suck. I was used by my friend because her parents would not let her date but if I went too they thought it more of a group thing and would let her go. Yep, all night long they are holding hands, kissing hugging right in front of me, so awkward! Anyway enough was enough and I just kept telling them "no" and did other things. You situation is a bit more complicated since you have feelings for this guy. Sorry to say, but there is nothing you can do about the guy, you missed your chance and lost out on him. So I would say the best thing is to simply avoid them and do your own thing. If anything, try to find your own guy and maybe double date with them once in a while, but I would not be hanging out with them all the time, that is just dumb.

    • I know you're right, I just don't know how to tell them that I don't want to spend time with them

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  • So many guys!

    • that's true its just hard to get over this one

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    • That's true, I will get over him it just hurts a little seeing him with her. But oh well, it happens, I was too late because I feared rejection.

    • I am sorry ): I feel your pain!

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  • Why you still like him? There are lots of honest and sweet guys who are better than your bestfriends boyfriend

    • yeah but they've only just started going out three days ago and i've liked him for ages and i'm trying to get over him but it's really hard because he's a nice, sweet and funny guy.

    • Its your fault you shoud asked him out before your best friend asking him

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