Guys, What would you do if you found out the girl you're dating was an escort and using seekingarrangement. com?

What if she hasn't used the website since you two started dating, but had an account and did sleep with people she met on that website for money.


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  • A sugar baby is not the same thing as a hooker; but there are hookers that might be on that site.

    The lady who ran for governor of Texas, Wendy Davis (D) was a sugar baby when she was 20.

    I don't see how it would be much different than finding out the girl you are dating is a slut and has sex with guys she doesn't remember because she was too drunk.

    There have been a few times when I decided not to have sex with a girl because of who she had slept with before. It is the, "If she had sex with him, she is not having sex with me."

    Anyway, delete your account and don't worry about it.

    • You are really splitting hairs here man.

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    • So you are saying that women are either sluts or whores?
      You sound like a fun guy !

    • @JuicyBrain
      I am saying women are all prostitutes at some level and at some time. We haven't talked about men, they are all dogs, so it balances out.

      A woman has sex with a man for one of two reasons: She wants something in return, or she is just being a slut. Most of the time, it is the former. Even the most uptight Mormon virgin will sleep with the guy that gives her an expensive ring and a big party.

  • I would be ok with it. As long as you know what you are doing and are in control of your situation, I couldn't disapprove.

  • Break up with her.